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Wuxi Guanya: Focus on R&D of refrigeration heating equipment to help develop new energy

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On October 17, 2018, the three-day API was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The exhibition was crowded with people. Wuxi Guanya was a frequent visitor to the API. Wuxi Guanya Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuxi Guanya) was active. Participated in it, and brought equipment such as refrigeration heating temperature control system, TCU, new energy battery motor temperature control device, in-depth exchanges, and seek common development.

New product: new energy battery motor temperature control device

Faced with current energy problems, Wuxi Guanya uses its own advantages in refrigeration and temperature control to address the current situation of battery problems in the domestic new energy automotive industry, producing permanent magnet synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors and asynchronous motors for new energy vehicles. The precision temperature control equipment tested by the controller has opened up new markets for the new energy automobile industry. Based on the design standards of new energy battery motor test equipment, Wuxi Guanya focuses on the mid-to-high-end market. In the development of more than ten years, through the domestic market, it has continuously expanded and accumulated, and talked about the current development direction. Wuxi Guan Yayan said that Judging from the current market situation and consulting results, the new energy vehicle battery motor test temperature control device is a very promising device. After a long period of research and development and testing, it is also a relatively mature device. China’s current market is a relatively large producing country, and many high-end equipments need to be imported. Therefore, Wuxi Guanya believes that the field of new energy battery motor test temperature control devices is in great need of domestic equipment as an intermediate force for common development. Once the customer purchases the new energy battery motor test device of Wuxi Guanya, Guanya will arrange special after-sales engineers to dock, guide the customer how to use, install and debug, and apply the training in all aspects, so that customers can buy it with confidence.

Guanya focuses on the temperature control technology of refrigeration heating equipment, perfect for each device

In the year of 2018, Wuxi Guanya began a busy period of more than half a year, from API and CIPM in April to the Automotive Testing and Quality Control Expo in September to API in October. Next, CIPM in November also Coming soon, Wuxi Guanya carries refrigeration and heating temperature control system, TCU, new energy battery motor temperature control device, ultra-low temperature freezer and other equipment, and shuttles to the famous exhibition sites to create the exclusive “brand effect” of Guanya. There is still a certain gap between the domestically produced instrument market and the foreign instrument market. However, with the increasing prosperity of international trade, the technical exchanges in various fields are becoming more and more frequent. In the field of refrigeration and heating temperature control, it is relatively mature in the world. Some products are even basically synchronized. Many domestic enterprises are pursuing ‘hundred flowers and flowers’, and there are fewer companies focusing on one field. This leads to serious homogenization in the industry, showing the status of products rather than ‘fine’. “.

In view of the current status of the domestic refrigeration heating instrument market, Wuxi Guanyayan has a unique insight, Wuxi Guanya focuses on refrigeration heating temperature control equipment, to create a comprehensive refrigeration heating equipment product line, while ensuring product quality. Wuxi Guanya has made a perfect response to the outside world with such a focused attitude and sincere products. It is true that the entire instrument market needs a more comprehensive product range, but more importantly, it is more meaningful to continue to study and deepen a certain product field so that a value-oriented brand can make more sense.

Wuxi Guanya has created high-quality products in the field of refrigeration and heating. The new energy battery motor temperature control device also perfectly shows the progress of refrigeration heating technology. The wholehearted attitude and equipment also promote the progress of Wuxi Guanya brand.

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