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RF chip high and low temperature automatic test machine control system description

Based on the continuous development of the semiconductor chip industry, LNEYA RF chip high and low temperature automatic test machine is also promoted to consumers. So, what do you know about the RF chip high and low temperature automatic tester system?

LNEYA RF chip high and low temperature automatic test machine as a cold source, the structure is simple in technology application, the whole RF chip high and low temperature automatic test machine is composed of hot spot pile and wire, less noise, less wear, long life, high reliability, cooling temperature and The cooling rate can be controlled by the operating current, the control is flexible, and the start-up is fast.

Since the temperature control circuit requires that the current driving the TEC be bidirectional, we choose to apply TEC's switched H-bridge power drive circuit, and the current flowing through the TEC is from right to left. When the operating temperature of the semiconductor laser is lower than the set temperature point, the H-bridge outputs current at a certain amplitude according to the direction of heating of the TEC; when the operating temperature of the semiconductor laser is higher than the set temperature, the H-bridge is reduced. The current of the TEC even reverses the current direction of the TEC to lower the temperature of the semiconductor laser. When the control loop reaches equilibrium, the direction and amplitude of the TEC current are adjusted, at which point the operating temperature of the semiconductor laser is equal to the set temperature.

After receiving the control signal, the RF chip high and low temperature automatic tester circuit controls the working time of the TEC, controls the power of the TEC by controlling the working current of the TEC, thereby controlling its cooling effect on the laser and ensuring that the laser works in a stable state. . When the system is designed, because the thermistor and the chiller are already fixed in the module with the laser, the module gives the corresponding pin.

The overall scheme adopted by the rectification output part of the RF chip high and low temperature automatic tester is PWM pulse width modulation. The pulse width modulation technology is used to control the on-time of the switch circuit, thereby changing the average current of the system control part, changing the power of the semiconductor refrigerator, and realizing the temperature. Control, PWM pulse width modulator is realized by AT89C2051. The signal sent from the temperature detecting circuit is sent to the PWM pulse width modulator, and compared with a preset temperature value, the output pulse width is adjusted, and is applied to a switching device to control the on-time and output thereof. The average voltage, which changes the current.

In the PID control of RF chip high and low temperature automatic tester, the determination of three parameters of kp, TI and TD is very important for achieving high precision control. In the temperature control process, due to the thermal inertia of devices such as NTC and TEC, in the semiconductor laser In the temperature control process, the temperature control part can be used as a first-order inertia plus pure delay link to establish a mathematical model.

LNEYA RF chip high and low temperature automatic test machine temperature control program, keep the temperature between -45 ° C and 250 ° C, control the inlet and outlet temperature, more effective test semiconductor chip effect.

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