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Semiconductor temperature test system application range description

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The semiconductor temperature test system is LNEYA’s new device for semiconductor chip testing. So what range does the semiconductor temperature test system apply? Users need to understand the specific application range to select the appropriate semiconductor temperature test system.

Under normal circumstances, semiconductors, integrated circuits, and chips can be equated because they are actually the same thing. Semiconductors are a kind of material. Because of the high proportion of integrated circuits, the industry is accustomed to calling the semiconductor industry the integrated circuit industry. The chip is the carrier of the integrated circuit. In a broad sense, we equate the chip with the integrated circuit. Therefore, just remember that when chips, integrated circuits, and semiconductors appear, don’t panic, it’s the same thing.

Among them, IC design refers to integrated circuit design. Because the integrated circuit needs to be on a wafer, the wafer is extracted from the sandstone layer, and there are crystal pulling and cutting processes in the middle. The melting furnace, CVD equipment, single crystal furnace and slicer are used. device. Wafer processing is based on the wafer prepared in the previous step. The integrated circuit is mainly composed of coating, photolithography, etching, and ion implantation. This also requires multiple devices to implement. The package test is package + test. The purpose is to put the integrated circuit prepared above into the protective case to prevent damage and corrosion. Use cutting and thinning equipment, lead machines, bonding machines, sorting testers and other equipment. After that, the chip is finished. It is emphasized here that wafer fabrication and processing are the core processes of chip manufacturing, which is much more difficult than the subsequent packaging and testing. The equipment investment here is very large.

When the semiconductor chip begins to industrialize, it must be the device first! The logic is very simple, the domestic production capacity is insufficient, and the factory needs to be built. At this time, the demand for equipment is relatively urgent. Only the equipment is put into operation, the factory is established, and the semiconductor related products are likely to be mass-produced. The semiconductor temperature test system equipment also needs to be advanced. Buy it well. The semiconductor temperature test system has a large business growth point for enterprises that provide related equipment in China. After the completion of the factory construction, the corresponding IC design, wafer fabrication and processing, packaging and testing and other related companies start to operate, which is the release of profits. when.

Semiconductor temperature test system is one of the devices with certain requirements in the semiconductor, chip and integrated circuit industries. With the rapid development of such industries, semiconductor temperature test system equipment is also favored by semiconductor companies.

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