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LNEYA semiconductor component test device design

The semiconductor component test device is used for high and low temperature test operation in the semiconductor and component industries. The LNEYA semiconductor component test device utilizes its advantages in the field of refrigeration and heating dynamic temperature control systems to produce semiconductor component test devices, which are compared in the industry. Big.

When the semiconductor component tester system performs low temperature detection, the optical window on the vacuum low temperature chamber is necessary to maintain the indoor vacuum seal. However, the light used for interferometry passes through the window, and the effects of the optical window on system interference detection must be carefully considered. Optical windows are generally made of parallel plates made of stabilized explosion-proof glass, which have strict requirements on the optical properties of the material, the flatness and parallelism of the two surfaces. The parallel plates are in the detected light path. If the detection optical path is a converging beam, the parallel plate necessarily introduces aberrations (ie, spherical aberration), which causes detection errors. It is found by calculation that the optical path difference caused by the optical window can be compensated by the defocus of the interferometer. In actual operation, proper defocus can be selected so that the total measurement error is small and the influence of the optical window can be ignored.

When the inside of the low temperature chamber is evacuated, there is an atmospheric pressure difference between the two sides of the window, which corresponds to a pressure of 280 Newtons on the window area. In principle, such a large force creates stresses inside the window, causing a change in refractive index, introducing additional wave differences. The calculations show that the stress generated by the atmospheric pressure inside the window is large in the outer ring, small in the middle, and zero at the center point. If the detection scheme of the large-aperture parallel beam passing through the window is adopted, the influence of the air pressure will be very serious; if the detection optical path passes through a small area in the center of the window in the form of convergence, the contribution of the air pressure to the optical path difference of the window will be very small.

The semiconductor component test device can measure the temperature of the sample, raise the voltage of the regulator, heat the sample by the radiant heater, increase the temperature of the sample, measure the conductivity and luminous intensity of the sample at high temperature, and draw the temperature rise. The curve of these physical quantities is high.

The semiconductor component test device can be applied to various fields of materials science, and can test various materials, devices, etc. at low temperature for electrical conductivity and luminescence performance, especially the temperature that can be reached above the critical temperature of some high temperature superconducting materials. It can provide some help for this research. The long-span temperature range can be tested at high and low temperatures for the properties of special materials such as the conductivity of semiconductor wafers, the deformation of weapons, aerial photography, and space-capture optics.

The LNEYA semiconductor component tester is developed for semiconductor materials and is suitable for testing and operation in various temperature environments in various semiconductor materials.

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