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Pharmaceutical chemical industry application - Heating Reactor Temperature Control

The pharmaceutical chemical industry involves many chemical reactions. The traditional heating reactor temperature control work efficiency is relatively low, the production cost is relatively high, and the device is relatively cumbersome. To this end, LNEYA introduced a temperature control of the heating reactor, a fully enclosed circulation system, and a certain energy saving effect while heating the heat transfer oil.

Compared with traditional steam and heat transfer oil reactor heating, the temperature control of the heating reactor has obvious advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and safety. The heating temperature is high and the time is short, which means that the heating speed is fast. The unit time output is high, the circuit of the equipment is digital circuit, various pressure, switch and other signals can be written into the program, the accuracy is 0.1, and the module can be added according to the customer's site situation.

The temperature control parameters of the heating reactor are highly controllable, and the quality of the output product is good, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. It is a heating method with advanced technology and wide application prospects. The temperature control heating power supply of the heating kettle is provided by the digital high-frequency induction heating equipment provided by our company. It has the advantages of wide frequency range, accurate control, rich interface and easy formation of automatic production system for digital data exchange.

The temperature control of the heating reactor is made by compact high-temperature wire tightly wound on the reactor body, and the digital heating power source forms a series resonance working mode. The digital heating power source pushes the current through the induction coil to heat the iron heating tube; the temperature collecting system collects the current in real time. The temperature of the kettle body is sent to the digital heating power source, and the digital heating power source adjusts the output power in real time according to the current reaction kettle body temperature, so that the temperature of the reaction kettle body is maintained within a certain temperature range.

Heating reactor temperature control temperature range from -120 ° C to 350 ° C, superior performance, high precision, intelligent temperature control, multi-function alarm system and safety functions, 7-inch, 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphic display, using magnetic drive pump, There is no shaft seal leak problem. Ultra-high temperature cooling technology can directly cool down from 300 degrees high temperature.
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