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Cooling fin cleaning instructions for 20 freezers

As one of the main accessories of the 20-piece freezer, the heat-dissipating fins are very important. Therefore, the cleaning of the heat-dissipating fins is also very important. How to clean them?

The fins of the freezer are also called finned condensers. They are important components of heat dissipation and refrigeration. Their main function is to cool and condense the superheated steam of the high-temperature refrigerator excluded from the refrigeration compressor into a liquid. The refrigerant releases heat in the condenser. The cooling medium is carried away to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the 20 freezer.

After 20 years of freezer operation, the finned condenser will be attached with certain dust impurities, and the normal cleaning of the condenser of the freezer is an important part of ensuring normal operation. So how to clean the heat sink fins (condenser)? LNEYA recommends that it can be cleaned with a pneumatic water gun, but it should be noted that because the fins on the condenser are thin, the air pressure of the air pressure gun cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise the condenser fins will be damaged when the dust is cleaned. sheet.

In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling fins of the freezer should pay attention to the regular replacement of circulating water to prevent the formation of scale. Regularly check the corrosion and sealing of the pipe to avoid blockage or leakage of water. When the freezer is not running for a long time, the water in the condenser and circulating water pump should be drained to avoid freezing the equipment.

The 20-piece freezer manufacturer selects the heat-dissipating fins of the brand manufacturers on the heat-dissipating fins, so that the operation maintains an efficient operation.

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