60P ultra-low temperature water chiller consumes too much energy and needs attention

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60p ultra-low temperature water chillers of different manufacturers have different performance configurations and different energy consumption. If you find that the energy consumption is too large, you must check in time to see if there is a problem in any aspect.

1. When there is a fault:

If the 60p ultra-low temperature water chiller equipment is faulty and the cooling performance is continuously reduced, the enterprise must be more cautious when using it. When operating the equipment, if the enterprise ignores the existence of various common faults, although the equipment can be used normally for the time being, the operation safety of the equipment will be directly and seriously affected.

2. When running for a long time:

If the operating time of the 60p ultra-low temperature water chiller equipment is relatively long, and in the process of operation, the company does not provide sufficient rest time for the equipment. Therefore, the security of enterprise use will also be threatened. Wuxi Guanya Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. LNEYA recommends that enterprises can rationally formulate a plan for the operating time of 60p ultra-low temperature water chillers, or use multiple installations for alternate operation.

3. Environmental factors:

When companies use 60p ultra-low temperature water chillers, if there are many inappropriate factors in the environment, the same will happen that energy consumption continues to increase. Therefore, to choose a place with a better environmental location and a workshop with a large enough space, the equipment needs to be installed at the corners or in the middle. Only in this way can the correct location be selected to help the company complete the task efficiently.


The above problems may cause excessive energy consumption of the 60p ultra-low temperature water chiller. When users encounter the above problems during use, they can contact the relevant after-sales technicians to solve them in time.

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