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What Should We Pay Attention to When Purchasing Suitable Low Temp Freezer?

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Fresh keeping

Although the low temp freezer is not simply a “food freezer”, the core function is still fresh-keeping. For example, in order to keep tuna fresh, it is necessary to have a constant temperature and strong “freezing force” inside the ultra-low temperature refrigerator.

Energy c
The low temp freezer is an electric tiger, and its electricity consumption accounts for a large part of the monthly electricity consumption. Therefore, it is wise to choose an energy-saving low-temperature refrigerator with low power consumption to save money. Nevertheless, don’t think biased that “the more money you save, the better”, only the combination of freezing power and power consumption can truly “save”.


The volume oflow temp freezer, there are many kinds of large and small on the market, do not listen to others say that buy a big show of style, rashly make a decision, suitable for their own is the best. In recent years, major brands have introduced super-large volume industrial cryogenic refrigerators, which are more suitable for many enterprises and fresh e-commerce.
Although the large-capacity low temp freezer will give full face, but its occupied space, huge power consumption and so on, will bring you a lot of worries. And a small low-temperature refrigerator, it is less cost concerns.
In addition, the lowest refrigeration temperature, volume size, shape characteristics (horizontal or vertical), compressor noise, vibration amplitude, temperature uniformity in the box, failure rate (especially compressor) and types of spare parts are considered comprehensively in combination with their own use requirements and space layout of the laboratory.

Common faults

In the maintenance of commercial refrigerators, there are many cases that the refrigerators can not work properly. Especially when the commercial refrigerators are not used for a long time, the commercial refrigerators will not work when the refrigerators are restarted. Here is to tidy up the treatment method of non-operation of commercial refrigerators.

Power problem

If your refrigerator does not work, please check the power supply to ensure that the refrigerator power supply is normal. If the power supply is normal, see if the refrigerator lamp is on. If the lamp is on and the refrigerator is not running, you need to call after-sales telephone for repair. Of course, if the refrigerator has a cryogenic compensation switch, we need to see if the cryogenic compensation switch is turned on when the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees.
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