Chip test dedicated TES-5 series preparation instructions

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The TES-5 series for chip testing is used for electronic component testing. How to accurately detect the chip is very important. So, how much do you know about the test preparation for the TES-5 series for chip testing?

Before starting the TES-5 series test process for chip testing, you should fully understand the working principle of the chip. Be familiar with its internal circuits, the main parameters, the role of each pin and its normal voltage. The preparation work is done well, and the subsequent inspections will be much smoother. The chip is very sensitive, so be careful not to cause a short circuit between the pins during the test. Any short circuit can be caught, which will cause the chip to burn out.

In addition, if the TES-5 series for chip testing does not have an isolation transformer, it is strictly forbidden to use the grounded test equipment to touch the equipment that is powered by the chassis, because it is easy to cause a short circuit of the power supply, thus spreading a wide range and causing the fault to expand. When soldering, make sure that the soldering iron is not charged, the soldering time is short, and no soldering is required. This is to prevent the solder from sticking and causing a short circuit. However, it is also necessary to determine the solder joint and do not allow the phenomenon of solder joints. In some cases, it is found that multiple voltages change. At this time, it is not easy to conclude that the chip has been broken. To know that some faults can also cause the voltage of each pin to be tested as normal, it is not easy to think that the chip is good.

The working environment of the chip requires good heat dissipation. Without a heat sink and high power operation, the chip can only be scrapped. The chip is actually very flexible. When there is partial damage inside, you can add small peripheral components to replace the damaged part. Pay attention to the rationality of the wiring when adding, to prevent parasitic coupling.

The TES-5 series dedicated to chip testing is a chip detection system introduced by LNEYA. Different chip models need to be clear about the relevant TES-5 series for chip testing during testing.

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