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What Is the Range of Industrial Chiller Temperature Control

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Industrial chiller is a common refrigeration equipment in industrial refrigeration industry,whose feature is various types, complete models and wide range of applications.More importantly, the precision of chiller temperature control is high and the ranger of it is wide.So,what is the range of industrial chiller temperature control and how to set it?

High temperature industrial chiller (5 ~ 30.0 ℃)
This kind of chiller can control the temperature between 5-30 ℃,using conventional refrigerants.In other words, when the chiller temperature control range is being adjusting,the set of the lowest temperature of the industrial chiller is 5℃ and the highest is 30℃.It is the most widely used temperature control range in the industry.
Medium temperature type industrial chiller (0 ~ 15.0 ℃)

Water freezes at 0 ℃.It is a common sense that old people and children can know.So,if industrial chiller is required to provide subzero cryogenic coolant,will it be realized?The answer is yes.The temperature of medium temperature industrial chiller can be set between 0 ℃ ~ 15 ℃.The refrigerant can be calcium chloride (saline) or ethylene glycol aqueous solution.

Low temperature industrial chiller
Low temperature industrial chiller which can provide (low temperature freezing liquid below -15℃~-35℃) is usually used in chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry for recycling material cooling or material in reaction kettle condensation.

Cryogenic type industrial chiller
Industrial cold chiller which can provide low temperature freezing liquid below 35 ℃, is called Cryogenic type industrial chiller.It adopts binary or ternary cascade refrigeration system, so it is also known as the cascade industrial chiller. Thus, the industrial chiller temperature control range is really wide.

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