How to Maintain Low Temp Chillers

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Low temp chiller is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment which needs to be used in many industrial production operations. It can provide very good refrigeration technology for different production operations and ensure the smooth progress of various industrial production. Most low temp chillers are composed of two systems — refrigeration system and frozen water system. The refrigeration system adopts imported refrigeration accessories with high reliability and automatic protection device. According to the following tips, you can reduce the occurrence of water chiller failure and avoid affecting your normal use.
To use low temp chillers requires daily maintenance and maintenance, which can not only make the operation of low temp chillers more stable, but also increase the service life of low temp chillers. When using the low temp chiller, the freezing water temperature of the chiller should reach the required temperature before it is used; the voltage used should not exceed the conventional voltage.
In addition, to use low temp chillers, you should take into account the workload of different refrigeration equipment and pay attention to different use methods of different types of machines. In general, the heat of the equipment used should not exceed 90% of the rated refrigeration capacity of the chiller. Otherwise, the chiller will be overloaded for a long time and can not achieve the treatment effect.

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