How to Make Ultra Low Temperature Recirculating Chillers More Energy-saving

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In modern times, environmental protection and energy saving is the development theme, so is the industrial chiller. Then, how to improve your industrial chiller to be more energy conservation? 

First, to prevent and reduce the pipe scaling of industrial chiller is for enhancing the heat transfer efficiency of condenser and evaporator.

If the make-up water is treated badly, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate produced by calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate through heating will precipitate on the pipes, decreasing the heat-conducting property to have an impact on the heat exchange efficiency of condenser and evaporator and increase the electric charge by a large margin for chiller’s operation. Apart from using water treatment technology, i will tell you that you can apply the equipment for cleaning the pipes regularly, which can save the electric quantity and at the same time level up cooling-water machine’s effect.

Second, to adjust the operating load of industrial chiller reasonably.

By terms of ensuring the industrial chiller to operate safely, power dissipation of an amount of cold energies are smaller. It should consider the operating situations of water pump and cooling tower comprehensively while taking this method into effect.

Third, to lower condensing temperature of industrial chiller.

On the premise of meeting the requirement including the security of cooling-water machine and production demand, evaporating temperature should be raised and condensing temperature should be lowered as much as possible. Please allow me to have your attention that the cooling tower needs to make a big change so as to keep the efficiency.

Industrial chillers divide into many categories like screw chiller, air-cooled water chiller, water chiller and ultra low temperature recirculating chillers. I am pleased to claim that the energy conservation of chiller is realizable.

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