Misunderstanding about the operation of the factory boiler

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The boiler is a very common equipment in the factory. LNEYA Xiaobian tells everyone that many people have misunderstandings about it.

Misunderstanding 1 The higher the steam pressure, the better.

The choice of boiler steam pressure depends mainly on the needs of the user. The steam pressure is low, the safety of the pressure-bearing parts is favorable, the energy consumption is also low, and the steam pressure is too high, the energy consumption is high, the corresponding steam equipment, the piping system and the valve are also subjected to high pressure, and the maintenance requirements are also higher. Therefore, the furnace worker must operate in accordance with the specified working steam pressure, generally allowing the fluctuation of the steam pressure to be 0.05 to 0.15 MPa.

Misunderstanding 2 The higher the pot water level, the safer it is.

If the water level is too high, the steam humidity is increased, and the steam quality is poor, it will endanger the use of steam equipment and production.

Misunderstanding 3 The more fuel is added, the better

The weight ratio of coal to air is preferably 1:9.14. When the amount of air is constant and the amount of fuel is excessive, a large amount of incomplete combustion products such as carbon monoxide are generated in the furnace.

Misunderstanding 4 The finer the coal particles, the better

From the burning point of view, the finer the coal particles, the easier it is to form a good mixture with the air, and the more complete the combustion. However, LNEYA Xiaobian told everyone that the coal particles are too fine, and the power consumption of the milling power will be greatly increased for the power station boiler.

Misunderstanding 5, the faster the grate travels, the better

As is known to all, the boiler load is large, and the fuel supply amount must be increased accordingly. At this time, the coal gate door has been fully opened, and the travel speed of the grate should be accelerated. However, when the demand for heat load is not large, when the air volume is constant, the grate travels too fast, the furnace will be deficient in oxygen, the flame will become yellow, dark, unstable, and heat loss will increase. Therefore, when the coal particles, humidity, ash are too large and the coal seam is too thick, it is forbidden to put in a higher grate speed.

Misunderstanding 6 The more the fire, the better

Fire setting is a common manual method for industrial boilers. By setting the fire, the fire can be eliminated, the fire can be reduced and the hearth of the furnace can be leveled, and the combustion is uniform and strong. However, excessive fires will reduce the overall thermal efficiency. This is because when the fire is set, a large amount of cold air is entered into the furnace, and the average temperature of the flame in the furnace section is lowered.

Misunderstanding 7 The greater the negative pressure of the furnace, the better

The negative pressure of the coal-fired furnace furnace should be maintained at 10-20 Pa. Excessive negative pressure will result in:

1 furnace leakage increases, and exhaust heat loss increases;

2 fan power consumption increased;

3 fly ash increases the wear on the heated surface along the path;

4 reduce the thermal efficiency of furnace combustion.

Misunderstanding 8 Sewage time is better

LNEYA Xiaobian told everyone that the sewage discharge time is too long, one wastes a lot of heat, which affects the heating steam pressure; the second is unfavorable to the boiler water circulation, and in serious cases, the water wall tube blasting will occur. Therefore, regular sewage discharge must be carried out in accordance with the principle of “diligent discharge, less discharge, and uniform discharge”. Generally, it is required to discharge at least once every eight hours, and the time for each discharge should not exceed 30s. It is strictly forbidden to time out.

Misunderstanding 9 The higher the oil level, the better

There are many rotating machinery in the boiler auxiliary machine, and its normal oil level plays an extremely important role in its service life. Some operators have trouble-saving and excessive oil injection. They believe that high oil level operation will result in better lubrication and cooling effects. The general oil level should be 2/3~1/2 of the height of the oil mark. If the oil level is too high, the fuel tank will heat up, the oil leakage will increase, and the mechanical failure will increase.

All of the above are the knowledge that must be understood when using the boilers for everyone.

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