Immersion phase change liquid cooling-LNEYA liquid cooling-liquid cooling system

A large amount of data throughput and calculation makes the data center, which is the “brain” of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, face unprecedented challenges in energy consumption and heat dissipation. Liquid cooling technology and liquid cooling data centers for equipment such as liquid cooling servers have emerged as the times require.

In the working state, each heating component will generate heat, causing the coolant to heat up. When the temperature of the cooling liquid rises to the boiling point corresponding to the system pressure, the cooling liquid undergoes a phase change, changing from a liquid state to a gaseous state, and absorbs heat through the heat of vaporization to realize heat transfer, which is the most energy-saving and efficient refrigeration in liquid cooling model.

Immersion cooling medium (such as fluorinated liquid), special cooling liquid has high insulation, low viscosity, non-flammable characteristics, and can ensure chemical inertness and stability within the operating range. However, due to the price and loss of fluorinated liquid media, the overall operating cost is high. Our LNEYA liquid-liquid circulation distribution cooling system was born specifically for this situation, which greatly reduces the loss of fluorinated liquid.

The core components of the cold plate liquid-cooled server effectively reduce the PUE of the data center.

Among the eight major nodes of the computing hub in the future, the PUE of large and above data centers in East China and large and above data centers in western regions with a favorable climate should drop below 1.25. Due to its obvious advantages, liquid cooling has become the main cooling technology for data centers. Among them, the cold plate liquid cooling technology is mature and ecologically perfect. As the core component of the cold plate liquid cooling server, the cold plate also plays an important role in effectively reducing the PUE of the data center.

Liquid-cooled data centers should take comprehensive reliability measures at all levels of servers, cabinets and micro-modules. LNEYA cold plate liquid cooling modular data center solution takes a single module as a unit, integrates IT cabinets, power distribution units, closed components, refrigeration units, wiring and other functionally independent units to realize the complete functions of the data center. It can be flexibly disassembled and transported, which not only saves the space of the computer room but also expands the class, and realizes rapid deployment in batches.

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