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Cautions To Use The Water Cooling Unit

Cautions To Use The Water Cooling Unit

Manufacturers now use recycled water to save costs. However, many manufacturers put circulating water of the whole plant  in one water network, which will lead to the problems that the temperature of circulating water cannot be controlled well, the water quality is poor and the backwater pressure is difficult to solve. After communicating with many manufacturers, we know it is very expensive to transform the circulating water network. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some matters when we use water cooling device. In accordance with the actual situation of the user, we have summarized some cautions to share with you:
1. The water cooler must be cleaned and tested regularly.
2. Increase the current oil viscosity of the equipment by 1-2 brands: in general, customers use VSG68, which is recommended to be changed to VSG100 or even VSG150 to improve the safety margin of system oil temperature.
3. During the winter, the ambient temperature may be below 0 degrees. Pay attention to the water discharge in the water cooler, so as not to damage the water cooler.
4. Ensure the cooling water flow reaches the technical requirements, and the water inlet needs to follow the water filter.
5. The backwater pressure needs to be reduced as much as possible.

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