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Some Wrong Understandings of the Cryogenic Refrigeration System

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Compressor and system matching should be matched reasonably

When the compressor of cryogenic refrigeration system is replaced, the large size of the compressor does not represent goodness, and the matching between the compressor and the system should be reasonable. When the amount of condenser, evaporator, capillary and refrigerant is added in a fixed number, the compressor will be heated if the compressor changed to a larger size, and the service life will not be very long. Similarly, if the compressor changed to a smaller size, the refrigeration effect will not be very good.

Welding Requires Technology

When there is trouble in the cryogenic refrigeration system, the welding technology plays a key role in refrigeration maintenance, so the temperature is very important. On the weld joint of compressor in cryogenic refrigeration system, these pipes are often thicker and require large temperature. Therefore, some experience and skills are needed for welders.
Many users use copper tubes in pipe selection. The people working in the industry said that this kind of tube used in cryogenic refrigeration system is indeed corrosion-resistant, and the wall is thick enough, but after many tests, it shows that the iron tube of the cryogenic refrigeration system disc is more obvious than copper tube frost. It can be seen that copper pipe has good heat dissipation performance, but the heat preservation is not good when used in evaporator, so the copper pipe frosting does not seem to have the more ideal effect than the iron pipe.

Hotter the condenser is, the better the effect is.

Heat dissipation of the condenser in cryogenic refrigeration system is very important. Some users believe that the hotter the condenser is, the better the outside is, the cooler the inside is. The people working in the industry pointed out that this understanding is actually wrong, for condenser overheating is a phenomenon of poor heat dissipation, which should be used with caution.
Generally speaking, there are some differences between the system of the cryogenic refrigeration system and the technology of the ordinary double compressor refrigeration. When the cryogenic refrigeration system meets the above-mentioned faults, the operators should analyze the faults according to the specific question. If it can not be solved, then you can find the help of maintenance personnel to maintain the operation of the cryogenic refrigeration system scientifically.
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