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Temperature control mode of automatic control system of reaction kettle

The automatic control system of LNEYA reactor is the equipment used for temperature control of the reaction kettle. What are the temperature control methods of the automatic control system of the reactor? How are you controlling the temperature?
The temperature control mode of the automatic control system of the reaction kettle can be divided into position control, proportional control, proportional integral control, proportional differential control, proportional integral differential control, PLC intelligent control such as PLC, and online non-contact temperature control. The automatic control system of the reaction kettle is controlled when the set temperature is higher than the set value, the heater is turned off, and when the lower line temperature is lower than the set value, the heater is turned on, and the temperature is always within a certain range. The control system is simple and reliable, and is generally used for conduction or convection heating.
The automatic control system of the reactor is cascade control, position control and proportional control. When the load changes greatly, its temperature is difficult to maintain at the set value. To achieve this, we can add one or more. The sensor can adjust the power in time when the temperature has not changed, and ensure the temperature is stable. The automatic control system of the reactor is online non-contact temperature control. This control method is mainly used to detect and control the process temperature of moving objects (such as online control of rolling objects, working temperature of displaced objects, and other occasions).
The automatic control system of the reaction kettles of different manufacturers has a certain gap in performance, and users can choose according to their own working conditions and needs.
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