How to choose reactor heating and cooling device?

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When the user selects the heating and cooling device of the reactor, if the heating and cooling device of the reactor is not well understood, it will not know how to start when selecting, so how to choose the heating and cooling of the reactor is also We need to choose carefully.

How to adjust the temperature control system of the reactor heating and cooling device to the electric heating rod of the reaction kettle: the external power supply is connected to the switch in the cabinet, and the wires drawn from the series of electric heating rods are connected to the switch in the cabinet, and the thermoelectricity The even probe should be inserted into the jacket from the nozzle on the jacket or an electric heating rod nozzle, and sealed tightly. The voltage of the electric heating rod is generally 220V. Pay attention to the connected power supply when wiring.

The reactor heating and cooling device first adds the material to the kettle, starts the motor stirring system (first heating or first stirring according to the required production process), and sets the upper limit of the required working temperature on the digital temperature controller. Well, open the switch in the cabinet, the electric heating rod will start to heat up, and when it reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically disconnect the power supply and no longer heat. It should be noted here that because the heat of the jacket is transferred to the kettle, the upper limit of the temperature is generally higher than the working temperature of 5-10 degrees; if the operating temperature is maintained for a certain period of time, the temperature control is required to be Like the household water dispenser, it has a double setting function, that is, it automatically heats below a certain temperature, and stops heating above a certain temperature, so as to repeat the time of maintaining the working temperature in the kettle, the duration of the time is based on It is very important to determine the production process. Be careful when configuring the temperature control system.

Reactor heating and cooling device The entire temperature control system, that is, the temperature control cabinet price depends mainly on the power of the electric heating rod. The power of the electric heating rod determines the size of the electrical components in the temperature control system, thus affecting the overall price, so it must be Pay attention to the relationship between the power and price of the electric heating rod. It is not easy to damage the small horse-drawn cart, nor can it cause unnecessary waste. In the whole work process, we must pay attention to the working condition of the temperature control system to ensure the smooth progress of the entire production process.

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