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What are the characteristics of the pressure of industrial water chillers

Industrial water chillers are one of the most popular equipment in the machinery and equipment industry. For this reason, the editor of LNEYA specially compiled relevant pressure instructions to help everyone better understand industrial water chillers.

The reference value related to the pressure resistance of industrial water coolers and piping system components refers to the design given pressure related to the mechanical strength of the piping components. The nominal pressure is generally expressed by PN. The nominal pressure of the special chiller for the laboratory-the compressive strength of the product at the reference temperature, expressed in PN, the unit: MPa, the reference temperature: the reference temperature is different for different materials, for example, the reference temperature of steel is 250°C, The nominal pressure is 1.0Mpa, which is recorded as: PN 1.0 Mpa.

The working pressure of the industrial water chiller refers to the large pressure required for the operation of the pipeline system according to the high working temperature of the pipeline conveyed by the medium at all levels. The working pressure is generally expressed in Pt.

The design pressure of an industrial water chiller refers to the large instantaneous pressure that the water supply piping system acts on the inner wall of the pipe. Generally, the sum of the working pressure and the residual water hammer pressure is used, and the design pressure is generally expressed in Pe.

The test pressure of an industrial water cooler refers to the pressure that the pipeline, container or equipment must reach for the pressure resistance and air tightness test requirements. The test pressure is generally expressed by Ps.

The nominal pressure of industrial water chillers is for the convenience of design, manufacture and use, and is a nominal pressure artificially specified. The unit of this nominal pressure is actually the pressure, and the pressure is the common name in Chinese, and the unit is "Pa" instead of "N". The nominal pressure of the pressure vessel refers to the nominal pressure of the pressure vessel flange. The nominal pressure of the pressure vessel flange is generally divided into 7 levels, namely 0.25, 0.60, 1.00, 1.60, 2.50, 4.00, 6.40MPa.


Generally speaking, the pressure of industrial water chillers can be divided into: test pressure>nominal pressure>design pressure>working pressure. If you have any other questions, you can consult us and send an email to sales@cnzlj.com

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