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What references are needed for the selection of reactor temperature control system?

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The heating power selection of the reactor temperature control system is roughly based on the size of the reactor.

The reactor temperature control system is a constant temperature device used to heat and cool the reactor. When selecting, the two important parts are heating power and pumping power. This is related to the accuracy of the reactor temperature. To select the power of the reactor temperature control system, the following parameters need to be provided:

1. The size of the reactor and the volume of the jacket
2. What is the material reacted in the reactor and what is the specific heat of the material?
3. What is the reaction temperature required in the production process and how long does it take to heat the temperature to the required temperature?
4. What kind of reaction does the material belong to during the reaction? Is it an exothermic reaction or an endothermic reaction? If it is an exothermic reaction, the reactor oil heater needs to be equipped with a cooling system.

Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) production reactor temperature control system:

        1. The installation is simple and convenient, and the heat energy utilization rate is high (generally installed near the reactor; if explosion-proof is required, it can be customized to install, but the overall project is small and convenient for customers to use;
        2. The operation is simple, no professional operation is required, as long as the specific users are simply trained, it can be operated independently, or you can directly read the operation manual;

The reactor temperature control system has certain advantages in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The isolation and explosion-proof and protection functions can make the equipment function reliable in operation.

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