Introduction To The Preparation Of Low Temperature Chiller’ Operation

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Why do low temperature chiller need to be ready for operation? We must be very clear that only when we are ready to check the low temperature chiller can we run the equipment better, can we run it more efficiently.

Before running the low temperature chiller, we need to check the refrigerant, water and electrical equipment, and check the oil separator liquid level, the correct oil position should be in the oil mirror center line between the line.

Be careful to check that all the pressure gauges for the low temperature chiller are open, and whether the oil thermometer has been inserted with the lubricating oil, and check or open all the valves on the oil road that they should be completely open.

Push the start button, the low temperature chiller starts, and then wait to see whether the oil pump is turning correctly, the oil pressure difference is not low than the surface pressure of 0.05-0.3Mpa, and the pressure difference of the oil filter does not exceed 0.1Mpa. Turn the coupling and operate the energy control valve at the same time, so that the unloading indication goes from 0%–100%, then 100%–0%, then manually stop the oil pump.

Try low temperature chiller with hand disc compressor coupling, no card resistance phenomenon shows the normal state. Open the exhaust valve on the compressor, water supply to the oil cooler, and water temperature depends on the oil temperature (the nozzle oil temperature is better to be 40 –55 c). At the same time, water supply to the condenser and evaporator , finally cover the main motor power supply, and the power lamp is on, then the low temperature chiller can be used normally.

With these detailed preparations, it is certain that the low temperature chiller can be better used to achieve the lowest cost and maximum operational efficiency.

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