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Environmentally Friendly Cold Plate Freezer

During the period, we all know that the supervision of environmental protection is springing up, and the editor of cold plate freezer tells everyone that the awareness of environmental protection has spread.

According to previously published data, the first three batches of central environmental protection inspectors have initially imposed 15 586 penalties and fined 775 million yuan, 1,154 cases were investigated, 1075 people were administratively and criminally detained, 10,426 people were accounted for, and 12,386 people were interviewed. Therefore, the facilities of every factory must choose a little environmental protection! Therefore, the facilities of every factory must be environmentally friendly!

Our Wuxi Guanya cold plate freezer adopts a new generation of single-compressor self-resetting technology, which has faster cooling speed, energy saving, high efficiency and low noise, and our refrigeration systems are equipped with international brand compressors. Our safety system is also very good, with high and low voltage protection, high and low voltage display, condensation temperature display and protection, multiple faults alarms (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high-pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm), start delay protection. All parts are safely grounded, so you can rest assured when you use them!

Is it great? Our cold plate freezer can be used in a wide range of applications. Generally, various flat panel display degumming, mobile phone touch screen degumming, plasma quick freezing, blood quick freezing, food quick freezing stereotypes, blade steel strips, low-temperature continuous testing, etc. are all involved!

If there is a need, quickly contact the editor of the cold plate freezer~~

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