Operation and Maintenance of Small Water Chiller Units

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1. Generally speaking, the design of general comfortable air-conditioning environment is simple (not constant temperature and humidity variable flow water system). The selection of water system flow, pump and pipe diameter is not a problem. 99% of the problems occur in installation and maintenance. Therefore, the correct installation and reasonable maintenance is particularly important.

2. Air-cooled module internal filter, in order to better filter impurities in the water system, the protective plate heat exchanger is generally more than 40 meshes, that is to say, its filter is more dense and finer than other brands. The advantage of this method is that it can filter impurities better, and the disadvantage is that the number of cleaning increases. But compared with the air-cooled module machine, the closed circulating water system can better ensure the cleaning of the water system in the future as long as the filters are cleaned in time during the initial operation.

3. Inspection and cleaning of end filters. Water filters are installed in both air conditioning boxes and fan coil units at the end. These water filters need to be checked and cleaned, which is also an indirect reason affecting the water system and can improve the cooling effect of the end.
4. We can’t start it forcibly. We are used to turning it on when something goes wrong. In fact, it is a serious operation error for water chiller, especially the frequent power failure and reset of the chiller, which results in the failure of protection, just like a car with frequent high water temperature failure and failure to deal with it, which eventually leads to the breakdown.
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