You Should Know Something About Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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Ultra low temperature freezer is an indispensable cryogenic storage equipment in the field of life sciences and biopharmaceuticals. It can be used to store cells, tissues, test samples, vaccines, active enzymes, strains, plasmids, viruses, bacteria, blood red blood cells, white blood cells, germplasm banks and other high value-added samples for ultra-low temperature storage. It can also cooperate with carbon dioxide incubator and stability test box to serve in the fields of drug screening optimization and biopharmaceutical research and development.

Ultra low temperature freezer usually works in the range of – 40 ~86 C. It is capable of preserving rare and valuable biological samples and research materials for a long time.

Continuous and stable operation of ultra low temperature freezer can effectively reduce the negative situations such as sample degradation, inactivation of bacteria, abnormal recovery of cells and tissues, which seriously affect the progress of experiments. In order to ensure the normal operation of the condenser, there should be no less than 30 cm of unshielded space around the box body. It should be well ventilated and away from heat sources.

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