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Advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled chillers

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The water-cooled industrial chillers produced by LNEYA are refrigeration equipment that provides chilled water. Today we will discuss the classification, advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled chillers.

Water-cooled chiller configuration:

1. Compressor
Selected imported brand-name compressors such as Emerson. It has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, low failure, good performance, low vibration and low noise, energy saving, convenient maintenance, and long life. According to customer needs and the size of the cold tonnage, a single machine or a combination of multiple machines is used. The compressor can automatically alternate operation according to load changes, automatic energy adjustment, and balance the operating hours of each compressor, which greatly extends the service life of the chiller.

2. Condenser
It uses copper pipes imported from abroad to be processed into trapezoidal low-rib pipes to enhance heat transfer capacity. The surface of the copper pipe is smooth, which reduces the water pressure and is easy to clean and maintain.

3. Protective device
The protection devices of water-cooled chillers include: compressor delay start protector, overload protector, high and low pressure protector, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve, compressor overheat protector, compressor Start the protector and abnormal indicator frequently to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

4. Intelligent computer control system
The high-intelligence PLC and PC-level computer control system can be used for remote monitoring and control. It has multiple functions such as automatic loading and unloading, timing switch machine, and recording the cause of the failure; the operation is simple, and the host is connected to the power supply. The failure rate is low, the safety factor is high, the installation is simple, the system control can be adjusted in real time, and it is intuitive and reliable.

5. Freezing accessories
All refrigeration accessories are branded and have excellent performance. For circuit breakers and contactors, select Danfoss brands such as Schneider brand, expansion valve, filter drier, etc.

Advantages of water-cooled chillers:

1. Intelligent control data changes in one second to understand the color touch screen to display the set temperature and measured temperature, 7-inch touch screen operation, sensitive touch, simple and quick operation, dynamic display of unit operation.
2. Dynamic monitoring makes dynamics nowhere to escape, dynamic monitoring operation automatically displays the working status of compressors, water pumps, etc., the status of the unit is clear at a glance, and it is under control.
3. Self-diagnosis is more than intimate, self-diagnosis powerful self-diagnosis function makes it easy for you to diagnose faults.
4. The condensing control is so stable. The condensing temperature control intelligently controls the condensing temperature to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the compressor.
5. Intelligent antifreeze function When the water temperature is low, the unit will automatically enter the antifreeze mode, so there is no need to worry about the unit being damaged by freezing

Disadvantages of water-cooled chillers:

For the open-type cooling circulating water system, as the cooling water absorbs heat and contacts the air, CO2 escapes into the air, and the dissolved oxygen and turbidity in the water increase, causing the cooling water system to have 4 major problems: corrosion, scaling, bacteria Algae growth and sludge. If the water quality is not treated, it will seriously damage the refrigeration equipment, greatly reduce the heat exchange efficiency, and cause a waste of energy. Therefore, it is very important to carry out corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, and algae-killing treatments for the system water.

Advantages of water-cooled chillers: the cooling capacity is relatively large, the noise is lower, and the price is cheaper.

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