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Dynamic and accurate temperature simulation for test benches in the automotive industry

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Quality and safety testing are the core elements of the overall development and production process of the automotive industry. With KRY-475 and 455 process cooling circulators, we provide customers with a perfect temperature control solution for precise and highly dynamic temperature control of the process.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories and well-thought-out systems, the KRY series is very flexible and user-friendly. We also provide functions for controlling the flow rate and temperature separately according to customer requirements, or controlling pressure at the same time. This is the ideal solution for increasing pressure or flow in the application.

The KRY series is for power battery charging management, precision temperature control devices for permanent magnet synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors, asynchronous motors and their controllers. The local + remote control mode can be realized through the LCD control panel; it has automatic fault protection and can output Corresponding signal to ensure equipment safety. The main components are all international brands, and the quality is guaranteed. The outer circulation pipeline size is DN15 or DN20. Do not throttle, which will increase the load of the circulation pump. The pipeline needs to be insulated. High temperature resistant rubber and plastic insulation pipes are used, which can be increased according to specific needs. Auxiliary equipment.

Accurate temperature simulation is extremely important on test benches in the automotive industry, because all vehicle components, from control electronics to gaskets and load-bearing components, are exposed to strong temperature fluctuations. In addition to the resulting stress, it also affects materials and circuits. Apply stress according to mileage. For example, if the test bench is used for a long time, it will burn out because the heat cannot be dissipated, especially the mechanical wear, which greatly shortens the service life of the dynamometer. Therefore, a cooling device must be used. This also applies particularly to new developments in the field of electric vehicles.

With decades of experience and our high quality standards, all equipment is tailored to the specific requirements of customers until the final field use. Please feel free to contact us directly at so that we can also provide you with a suitable solution.

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