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Ultra Low Temp Freezer DW Description: Ultra-low temperature freezer mainly used for scientific research, special materials of low-temperature test and preservation; freezing of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products and electric, reasonable ultra low Temperature freezer price.

As a cryogenic storage equipment, the cryogenic refrigerator is widely used in fields like medical and health, scientific research, disease control, and inspection, etc. Since the birth of China’s first ultra-low temperature refrigerator in 2006, China’s ultra low temperature refrigerator has Developed rapidly through the development of more than ten years, especially the rise of the biologic sample library. Many native low-temperature refrigeration brands have entered the field of ultra-low temperature refrigerators. The brands in the market are quite a mixed bag, so Here are two suggestions for you to choose cryogenic refrigerators from Guanya.

1. Selection for refrigeration mode: Double stage self-cascade

The cooling mode is the core of the ultra-low-temperature refrigerator. The stability and long life are the most important. Double cascade refrigeration is a mature refrigeration mode recognized by the academic community. This refrigeration mode is adopted by almost all ultra-low- Temperatures at home and abroad. The two compressor high temperature and low-temperature respective division of labor, each operating under the best conditions, which makes the whole operation stable and extend the service life of the compressor.

2. Temperature uniformity: The simple numbers are not enough

Except the uniformity temperature number, we need to see the method of detection and whether it has the report of the Quality Inspection Center. The most stringent detection method is stationing 20 points in the box. The leading index of the industry is active about 7°C At any point in a little box, which means that the range of variation is ±3.5 °C. If the index beyond this, it is likely to be a registration test with only 4 test points and just take the average number of tests.

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