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A safe place for cryochillers in the production area

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Cryochiller units are used more frequently in summer. Some manufacturers may replace new equipment, or some companies are just established in the food industry or the chemical industry, and industrial types need cryochiller units to cool down the reaction process of the production project. There are many requirements for the placement location.

When placing the cryochiller units, it must be ensured that the base surface is flat. Cement ground is more suitable, and the floor ground is also acceptable. If you are afraid of scratching the ground, you need to lay some mats on the floor, and noise must be considered. Impact. Some machines run very loudly, making people feel very irritable. If the sound is loud, people living around will definitely have opinions. So when choosing a machine, choose a less noisy one with better performance.

During installation, some distance must be reserved in the middle to ensure that the entire cryochiller unit has good heat dissipation, or is the result of effective operation. During installation, if the distance is less than a fixed meter, it will not only be effective In order to meet the purpose of heat exchange of the entire unit, it is also not convenient for all operators to carry out practical operations. At the same time, relevant maintenance and overhaul must be done during installation.

When installing the cryogenic refrigeration unit, you must ask professional and technical personnel to install it, and check whether the machine is damaged or missing parts. The rigidity of the rigid damping spring of the entire installed unit must be screwed to the end and opened to a large extension length, so that it can have more sturdy characteristics and avoid slippage.

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