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Clean of Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

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Cleaningmachineshell: Semi-annual
First wipe the machine shell from top to bottom with soapy water or disinfectant commonly used in the laboratory, then wipe it thoroughly with clean water, and dry it with a soft dry cloth.
Cautions: Avoid using too much water to clean the control board area, in order to prevent leakage damage of circuit components.

Cleanenvironment of ultra-lowtemperature freezer: Once a month
Clean up all ground debris and dust with sanitary ware, reduce dust adsorption in compressor and refrigeration system, affect heat dissipation
Prevent dust from adsorbing on circuit board, causing circuit components to be damaged by interference
Sealing test of door seals:
Once every six months, poor sealing will increase the working time of compressor and cause compressor failure.
Open the door, then put in a sheet of A4 paper, close the door, pull A4 paper out, if it is difficult to pull, it shows good sealing. It needs to be tested all around the door seal.

Clean air filter: Clean at least 4 times a year
Grasp the button at the bottom left corner and open the door directly below the cryogenic freezer.
Remove the black air filter and wash it with water or neutral detergent.
After drying, place the filter in place.
If it’s already dirty, the dust and debris on it can’t be removed, and a new filter needs to be replaced.
Clean condenser: at least twice a year
Refrigerator radiates heat to the outside environment through condenser.

Ash accumulation in condenser and filter will cause heat dissipation obstruction and decrease refrigeration efficiency of refrigerator.

1. Grasp the button at the bottom left corner and open the door directly below the refrigerator.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the condenser, or use compressed air to blow off the dust adsorbed on the condenser, or brush off the dust with a fine brush.
Notes: According to the environmental conditions of different laboratories, it is necessary to clean the condenser several times a year. And in the cleaning process, do not damage the radiator on the condenser.
Intracavity defrosting: once a year or when the thickness of defrosting exceeds 10 mm
High humidity, frequent door opening can easily lead to frost inside the door. Excessive frost, ice will affect the performance of refrigerators, can be deicing shovel and vacuum cleaner deicing.
1. Transfer samples from all chambers to another cryogenic refrigerator
2. Turn off the battery switch, the main power switch, and pull out the power cord.

3. Open all the inner doors and let the ice melt and wipe it off with a soft rag.

4. When the frost is removed, the inner cavity needs to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water or detergent (soda water) without chloride and wiped with a dry cloth.

5. Re-insert the power cord and turn on the main power switch and battery switch.

6. Samples can be placed after the refrigerator runs empty overnight.

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