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Characteristics of Industrial Constant Temperature Recirculating Chiller

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Points for attention in the use of
industrial constant temperature recirculating chiller

Industrial constant temperature recirculating
chillers are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory. Next,
let’s introduce the characteristics, application scope and application methods
of industrial recirculating chillers in detail.

The industrial constant temperature
recirculating chiller can have the functions of heating and cooling at the same
time. It can cool or heat or maintain constant temperature within the maximum
temperature range of – 45C ~ 250
. It is a cycle
process that uses refrigerant compression, condensation, expansion and
evaporation, constantly absorbs heat and vaporizes at the evaporator for
refrigeration and cooling, transfers heat from low-temperature objects to
high-temperature objects, cools materials to the required temperature and
maintains low temperature.

Industrial constant temperature
recirculating chiller is applicable to a wide range. Experimental equipment
such as reactor, reactor, fermentation tank and evaporator are most used. Some
single crystal chips, spraying devices, heating devices and laser heating parts
can also be used. Industrial constant temperature recirculating chiller is a
common refrigeration and heating equipment. It operates efficiently and
quickly, and the liquid filling is also relatively simple. It can ensure the
rapid temperature rise and fall under high temperature, and can realize
continuous temperature control from 250
to – 45 . In addition,
the pipeline is fully closed without oil mist and water absorption, which
ensures the safety and accuracy of the experiment and the service life of the
heat transfer fluid. Of course, when choosing, try to choose industrial
constant temperature recirculating chillers with imported accessories, such as
compressors, grain wheel compressors and circulating pumps in the United
States, which have more reliable performance. Generally speaking, industrial
constant temperature recirculating chillers have a variety of safety protection
functions, such as self diagnosis function, chiller overload protection,
high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and so
on. Therefore, when using them, we should still choose reliable equipment.

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