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LNEYA semiconductor refrigeration unit common fault description

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If a high-voltage alarm occurs in the semiconductor refrigeration unit, it is necessary to check whether the external piping is blocked or dirty. Clean and remove in time. If it is an air-cooled semiconductor refrigeration device, it is necessary to check the space ventilation condition of the semiconductor refrigeration device. If the space is small and the ventilation is not good, it is easy to cause a high-pressure alarm. In addition, if the compressor discharge pressure is too high, pressure relief is required. Turn on the pressure relief valve and put some gas on it.

Leakage refrigerant is one of the more common faults in semiconductor refrigeration equipment. There are many causes of refrigerant leakage in refrigeration systems of semiconductor refrigeration equipment, mainly in the welding area, which has its own manufacturing problems and is caused by customers. Leaking the refrigerant directly causes the semiconductor refrigeration unit to be unable to cool, and it is necessary to check for leaks. Check that it is leaking refrigerant in that place, and then make it up.

The low-temperature alarm and leakage refrigerant of the semiconductor refrigeration device are closely related. The first thing to do is to check whether the refrigerant is leaking. Most of the low-voltage conditions are caused by the leakage of the refrigerant in the semiconductor refrigeration device. Therefore, it is necessary to check the refrigerant and still need to check for leaks. If the compressor of the semiconductor refrigeration unit does not work, it is necessary to check whether the water pump of the semiconductor refrigeration device is good or bad. If the water pump is good, it is necessary to see if the water in the semiconductor refrigeration device tank can be replenished, and then check the current.

Since the semiconductor industry has certain requirements for the operation efficiency of the semiconductor refrigeration device, it is better for the semiconductor refrigeration device to avoid these faults as much as possible.

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