Application field of LNEYA water heater circulator

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Hot water circulation, this is a very good water heater device and is now used in many places. By using a hot water circulator, people can solve the problem of domestic hot water use. Today we will introduce some applications of hot water circulation, and we hope it can help.

LNEYA heating circulator LY series has the function from high temperature to cooling process, from 300 °C ~ 50 °C.Equipped with a heating and cooling container, the heat transfer area is large, heating and cooling are fast, and the demand for heat transfer oil is small.

The hot water circulator can be continuously heated and cooled. The whole cycle is completely closed, the temperature is high and there is no oil mist, and the heat transfer oil cannot be oxidized and browned. With internal PT100 function, the internal loop can be corrected.

The entire system is closed with an expansion tank. The expansion tank and liquid circulation are insulated and do not participate in liquid circulation. The medium in the expansion tank is limited to 60 ° C regardless of high temperature or low temperature.

Domestic hot water circulation system (commonly known as hot water, hot water, hot water flow, Baoshui circulating water, hot water circulation, water heater, preheating circulation system, etc.) is a high-tech product to solve the later problems – due to the long pipeline of the central hot water system , the appropriate hot water temperature (commonly known as: put cold water). In the 21st century, if you need to wait for the tap after a long cold water before using hot water, you may go out. A household product that “has turned on the faucet from hot water” has been popular in the domestic hot water circulation system.

As we all know, large family homes, double entrance buildings, villas, clubs, bathing centers, laundry rooms, hair salons, fitness centers, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, factories, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, star hotels, hotels and others know The water heater is far from the water point, so the water is small and slow. With this system, they can enjoy life as comfortable as a star hotel. Usually you need to drain the cold water from the pipe to use hot water without a complete smart booster hot water pipe network in the central hot water circulation system. But if you have to drain cold water for 1-4 minutes or more each time, it will cause a lot of waste.

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