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Selection of electrical components for rapid temperature change test chamber

How to install and debug the electrical of the rapid temperature change test chamber? Need to refer to the following methods for power distribution, pay attention to the capacity of the power supply, do not use a single power supply for multiple equipment, so as to avoid voltage instability, affect the performance of the rapid temperature change test chamber machine, and even cause rapid temperature change test chamber failure shutdown.

According to the incoming power supply wiring of the rapid temperature change test chamber, the domestic voltage is divided into 220V50HZ and 380V50HZ. The rapid temperature change test chamber should be equipped with a suitable power cord, which should not be too thin to avoid loops. For example, the power supply and voltage of the rapid temperature change test chamber of Wuxi Guanya Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. have changed, and should not exceed 5% of the rated voltage. The stable voltage will be beneficial to the use of high and low temperature test chambers.

Do not open the test hole or install the power socket on the rapid temperature change test chamber. Because the rapid temperature change test box will be designed according to the size and requirements of the machine before the factory, the power and voltage should be designed. phenomenon. Pay attention to the wiring when installing the rapid temperature change test chamber, and the wiring may not be damaged.

At the same time, the components of the rapid temperature change test chamber are more important. It is recommended to choose the guaranteed fast temperature change test box components as much as possible.
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