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LNEYA New Energy Electric Vehicle Test Temperature Controlled Cooling and Heating Solution

With the gradual electrification of the automotive industry, the new energy vehicle market has entered a stage of rapid development. The battery is the heart of new energy vehicles, and charging is the source to ensure their operation. Therefore, before the entire vehicle and batteries, charging piles and other offline production lines enter the market, all tests have become a top priority.
In the automotive industry, temperature control is mainly used in testing, test benches and material testing. Most of the components in the car must be tested under extreme temperature changes to ensure normal operation and reliability before they can be put into actual use. Testing many different components on a test bench is important for improving quality and reliability. Simulating extreme ambient temperatures over a very wide temperature range is an important part of material testing.
Testing Of Power Charging Systems, etc.
Before electric vehicle charging technology is put on the market, it needs to go through a series of simulation tests of daily use conditions. LNEYA's cooling and heating system KRY series can adjust the charging system and the cooling circuit of the car to complete the thermal adjustment to match the load.
The DC transformer, inverter and power module inside the electric vehicle are the main driving components. Device reliability and efficiency need to be tested under different environmental conditions. LNEYA's KRY series cooling and heating system can provide the temperature change test required for the temperature range from -40 ° C to 100 ° C (which can be extended to 150 ° C) and reliably meet the load test conditions.
Component And Material Testing
The thermal reliability of parts and components on a car needs to pass environmental and temperature tests. The LNEYA cooling and heating system KRY series is equipped with a powerful circulation pump, while ensuring the transfer of high viscosity liquids. Makes it easy for users to complete these tests. Excellent dynamic characteristics are the determining performance of electric vehicles. Drive components need to undergo continuous improvement and become more efficient. Verification test steps and individual tests need to be performed on a suitable test platform to obtain higher product quality. The environmental chamber is used to simulate the ambient temperature, and the cooling and heating system KRY series is used to control the temperature of the coolant to simulate the operation of the cooling system on the car. The object under test is attached to the test platform adapter, and the inside of the part is cooled and heated by a glycol aqueous solution. The test component needs to go through a specific temperature profile and record the temperature change.
Motor And Battery Pack Test
Battery performance is an important part of electric vehicles. The charge level, charge and discharge cycle, and performance are all tested in an environmental chamber by changing the ambient temperature. The LNEYA cooling and heating system KRY series controls and monitors the temperature to simulate the changing conditions of the ambient temperature, thereby confirming the impact of temperature on battery performance; enabling battery packs to be tested in high and low temperature environments, and providing high and low temperature for battery pack Control the demand of flow and pressure, and the control of flow and pressure of antifreeze.
High And Low Temperature Constant Temperature Control Of Test Station
In the field of automotive test industry, LNEYA can provide users with customized cooling and heating system KRY series, which can meet the test of automotive parts from -40 ℃ to 150 ℃. A single device can be connected to multiple test benches / environment chambers to test several different samples simultaneously. One device of KRY series cooling and heating system can realize multi-flow channel output, each flow channel can control different flow, and the touch screen makes the system operation easier.

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