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Vapor deposition coating machine temperature control system-cooling water system

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The main purpose of the vapor deposition coating machine is to carry out scientific experiments and research on film formation process. It is composed of quartz tube reaction chamber, heat shield furnace cabinet, electrical control system, vacuum system, gas circuit system, temperature control system, pressure control system and gas cylinder cabinet.

As part of the PVD process, the temperature of the vacuum chamber must be strictly controlled and the product surface must also be maintained at the specified temperature. This will protect the product and ensure its beautiful appearance. Today I will talk about the use of the vapor deposition coating machine cooling water system.

Enterprises operating the cooling water system of the vapor deposition coating machine need to carefully understand the working principle of the core components of the equipment, master the gas working mode, and can deal with it in time when common failures occur. If the probability of equipment failure is very low, even if the enterprise runs the cooling water system of the vapor deposition coating machine for a long time, the equipment can still maintain a high operating efficiency. The higher the operating efficiency of the equipment, the lower the cost of the enterprise. Of course, in the absence of maintenance and maintenance, once the probability of equipment failure is relatively high, then the stability of the equipment is directly affected.
cooling water system of the vapor deposition coating machine

LNEYA vapor deposition coating machine cooling water system low temperature circulator, the refrigeration temperature range is very wide, the temperature can be controlled between -150 degrees to -5 degrees. Using secondary supercooling, fast cooling speed, safe and reliable, used for rapid liquid cooling. It is widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical, military and other high-tech industries. Using international brand compressor Carlyle, its small size and high efficiency. A single compressor can achieve a temperature control of -152 ° C, and the ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology is at the international advanced level.

1. In order to save water resources, the glycol-water mixture can be used for circulating refrigeration, and the design of the circulating pipeline is strict to prevent circulating water pollution and prolong the use time of circulating water;
2. Original imported compressor, overlapping supercooling refrigeration technology;
3. Double condensation high efficiency system;
4. Computer cascade temperature controller, temperature digital display, adjustment unit 0.1 degree, PT100 temperature sensor, -125 ℃ ~ -20 ℃ wide temperature range;
5. Ambient temperature monitoring function to prevent the system operating environment temperature from being too high;
6. Fully enclosed design, which does not absorb water during low temperature operation, guarantees the purity of the cold and thermally conductive medium, prevents the appearance of ice crystals, and extends the service life of the thermal fluid.
cooling water system
Benefits for customers:
Correct the temperature control in the vacuum chamber to ensure the correct adhesion of the surface coating;
The temperature curve trace line helps to accurately and efficiently set the process for new products and coatings;
As a necessary component of any compliance requirement, fully certified and traceable temperature curve information can be used to prove process control.

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