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100p Freezer Instructions of LNEYA

When the user buys and uses 100 freezers, LNEYA will have relevant instructions for use and will be sent to the user along with the device. So, what should I pay attention to when using the 100p freezer?

When receiving the equipment, the user should first check the outer packaging to see if the accessories are complete. After unpacking, lift the 100p freezer off the wooden packaging base and lay it flat in a spacious position to check whether there is any damage in the transportation. After confirming the error, push it to the installation position, put the 100p freezer in a stable state, and then connect the external circulation and return water pipeline of the device.

It is recommended to clean the water tank and the site before starting. There should be no corrosive gas and harmful impurities in the air. There is no strong electromagnetic field interference around. Avoid direct sunlight on the instrument. Check whether the ferrule or flange bolt of the external hose is Tighten.

100p freezer power supply requirements, need to pay attention to single-phase three-wire system or three-phase five-wire system (corresponding model selection power supply specifications) with good grounding, grounding resistance is not more than 0.1 ohms. Just use the coolant to be injected, and the amount of coolant to be injected is better than the upper edge. To prevent foreign matter from clogging the pipeline, scaling, etc., use deionized water or special coolant. The water tank should be cleaned regularly, and the coolant in the water tank should be replaced regularly to prevent microbial growth.

In addition, the use of the freezer also needs to pay attention to the use of temperature, ambient temperature, temperature control accuracy and flow rate related values, different types of power supply requirements, please correspond to the model.

The instruction manual for the 100p freezer is as shown above. It is better to run the equipment according to the instructions.

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