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Closed circulation cooling system debugging attention note

Closed circulation cooling system needs to pay attention to some common problems during commissioning. Do a good job in debugging work. LNEYA manufacturers remind users that only when they are ready to work can they be better debugged.

The preparation work before the commissioning of the closed circulation cooling system is an important part of the debugging process, which may affect the progress of the whole debugging process. Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to the leakage detection of the air piping system, and there are detailed regulations on the leakage amount of the equipment. High, medium and low pressure systems, under different pressures, the air ducts have different air leakage per square meter per hour. The second is the visual inspection of the pipeline system. The main content of this work is to inspect the pipeline system to ensure that the various valves on the diffuser, branch pipe and main pipe are fully open to ensure that the pipeline system is in the all-pass state. Furthermore, the preparation of the closed loop cooling system commissioning equipment. Before commissioning, prepare the required test equipment, including the equipment required for testing temperature, humidity, pressure, speed, and speed. The preparation work is often different due to different piping systems and their pre-installation work. This should be noted in this.

It is a closed-loop cooling system. When the pump and the main unit are both turned on, the end-to-end end is used for commissioning, the valve for the end supply and return pipe that was originally turned off is turned on, and the water supply and discharge main pipe and main switch that are opened when the pipe is cleaned are turned off. The bypass valve on the circuit, see if the two-way valve is normal, if there is any problem in the closed circulating cooling system when there is abnormality, there is no electricity, or the coil of the valve has been burned. If the coil is burned, there is no spare part, the valve can be manually used. The switch forcibly opens the two-way valve for commissioning.

In actual work, the heating capacity of the closed circulation cooling system unit changes due to the difference in ambient temperature and the requirement of the winter hot water supply temperature in the refrigeration system. The heating capacity of the unit decreases with the increase of the hot water outlet temperature, and decreases with the decrease of the ambient temperature. The input power under the heating condition increases with the increase of the outlet temperature of the hot water, and decreases with the decrease of the ambient temperature. .

When installing a closed circulation cooling system, the corresponding valve opening adjustment can be performed on this basis, which is very helpful to improve the debugging speed and efficiency and reduce the commissioning cost. On the basis of this, the commissioning personnel continuously learn to continuously debug and make the closed circulation cooling system equipment achieve better running state.
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