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Chip intelligent thermostat operation and selection

With the continuous development of the chip, its detection is also an important task, because the chip price is relatively expensive, so LNEYA chip intelligent thermostat came into being, professionally solve its chip test problems.

The value of the chip is expensive, and the system detection process has deviations in the detection results due to environmental and equipment stability. Therefore, the chip problems with such quality problems are often further tested, resulting in product quality characteristics caused by quality factors. .

The quality of semiconductor chips has similar problems in many manufacturing companies. This kind of quality inspection also has the characteristics of multiple cycles. This kind of quality property, other random factors in the superposition system, often make the production rate and production cycle of the system important. Significant changes in enterprise performance indicators, and such changes often exhibit non-linear characteristics, making it difficult for companies to anticipate and grasp the performance results of the system.

In the process of chip electrical performance testing, the products are divided into different grades according to the function and other factors. The product grade is lower than a certain standard for one unqualified product. Because the test of the chip intelligent thermostat is not completely stable, the price of the chip product is very high. A non-conforming product still needs to be tested twice. It is called 2A on the production line. After 2A, the number of unqualified products will be tested according to certain standards. It is called 3A. A batch inspection product often needs to wait until 3A. The program ends the bundle and can be shipped at the same time, so the quality extends the system's product week processing period. According to the actual system research and analysis, build a chip test 3A test. The quality characteristics of the chip test are very common: First, because the chip value is very high, it will not be easily discarded, and it needs constant adjustment. Second, because the chip intelligent thermostat electrical performance test equipment is more complicated, various parameters need to be debugged during the test. The stability of the test process is insufficient.

The quality of the chip intelligent thermostat is also a key point for users to choose. Therefore, it is recommended that users choose a more reliable chip intelligent thermostat manufacturer to purchase, and a professional after-sales team is better.

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