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What do You Know about Centrifugal Cryogenic Chillers before Use?

There are some differences in the use of cryogenic chillers between different compressors, but not very much of it. Due to the different styles of different compressors, the points to pay attention to during operation are also different. For example, what should we know about centrifugal cryogenic chillers before the operation?

Before we understand the centrifugal cryogenic chillers, we first learn to understand the structure of centrifugal cryogenic chiller which is mainly composed of centrifugal compressor, the main motor, compressor, evaporator, condenser, the throttle device entry's energy regulator, smoke gas recovery unit, lubricating oil system, safety protection device and microcomputer control system.

In the horizontal tube-shell structure adopted by the evaporator and the condenser, the refrigerant of the cryogenic chiller flows on the side of the shell, and the upper part of the evaporator has a liquid shield to prevent the refrigerant droplets from evaporating into the compressor directly.

The throttle device of the centrifugal cryogenic chiller is to put the high-pressure refrigerant liquid stored at the bottom of the condenser into the evaporator for evaporative refrigeration.

At the same time, the lubricating oil system of centrifugal cryogenic chiller is composed of the oil pump, oil cooler, oil filter and regulating valve, etc. This system supplies oil for lubrication and cooling to the bearings of the compressor, gear shaft, main motor shaft and gear mesh surface. The centrifugal cryogenic chillers are becoming increasingly compact in structure, and their oil pumps are generally built-in and immersed in the oil tank.

In the use of centrifugal cryogenic chillers, it is necessary to pay attention to the charge and discharge of refrigerant. When the refrigerant is first charged, it is generally advisable to charge 50% ~ 60% of the rated amount, and the refrigerant can be submerged in the evaporator 13 heat transfer pipes.

This common sense of centrifugal cryogenic chiller should be understood clearly, which helps us better use the centrifugal cryogenic chiller.
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