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What Are the Commonly Used Refrigerants For Brand Selection of Refrigerating Chillers?

When the enterprise chooses the refrigerant in the cryo chillers unit brand, what should it need to pay attention to the present market commonly used refrigerant? What is the difference between specific refrigerant properties? Take a look at the brand of Wuxi Guanya cryo chillers together.

Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers -R717 (ammonia)

The refrigerant in the cryo chillers unit brand-R717 is mainly used in large industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration. The solidification temperature of ammonia is 77.7 ℃, and the standard evaporation temperature of it is 33.3 ℃, hence, it is easy to obtain, low in price, and has moderate pressure, large unit refrigerating capacity, high coefficient of heat release, and is almost dissolved in oil with small flow resistance. In addition, the leakage of it is easy to find.

Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers-R22

Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers-R22 is a kind of medium temperature refrigerants. Its standard boiling point is 40.8 °C, and it can not burn, nor explode, with little amount of toxicity. R22 is highly permeable and its leakage is difficult to detect. It is widely used in cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment such as refrigeration condensing units, etc.

Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers-R134a

Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers-R134a. R134a contains very low toxicity and will not burn in the air. It has good chemical stability, however, because of its higher water soluble, it’s adverse to the refrigeration system. Even if there is a small amount of water, it may produce an acid, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide under the influence of lubricating oil and so on. Brand refrigerant for cryo chillers-R134a will produce corrosion to metal. Therefore, R134a has higher requirements for the drying and cleaning of the system. R134a is used in refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, cryo chiller, refrigerated condensing units, and other refrigeration equipment.

As shown above, the cryo chillers unit brand of Wuxi Guanya adopts R404A as the brand refrigerant for cryo chillers, which is safer and environmentally friendly.
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