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Ultra Low Temp Chiller Compressor Common Protection Instructions

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The ultra low temp chiller compressor is a relatively important part of all its components. In the course of operation, certain protective devices are needed to help the compressor operate safely. What specific protection? Let’s take a look!

The most common protection for ultra low temp chiller compressors is the suction and exhaust pressure protection. Basically, each ultra low temp chiller will be equipped with this protection device. The main function of the ultra-low temperature chiller compressor is to take charge of the intake and exhaust, and the working chamber is used to perform compression between the intake and exhaust. The pressure molding of the ultra low temp chiller is installed to prevent the intake and exhaust pressure from being caused. If there is a problem with the suction and exhaust pressure, subsequent operations will not function properly, and ultra low temp chillers will not cool properly.

Then there is the oil pressure difference protection device for the ultra low temp chiller compressor. Some manufacturers install the oil separator when producing the ultra low temp chiller. Therefore, the ultra low temp chiller compressor must have a hydraulic pressure difference protection device. Why? Because the frozen lubricating oil is critical to the compressor of the ultra low temp chiller, and if the frozen lubricating oil is not normal, the compressor will also be abnormal.

In addition to the above-mentioned common faults, other common exhaust temperature protection, which, has the same effect asthe suction and exhaust pressure protection of the ultra low temp chiller compressor, because the inhalation temperature is often not problematic, problems lie in the exhaust temperature. Most of the time, if the exhaust pressure is high, the exhaust temperature will be high. In addition to installing the exhaust pressure protection device, installing the compressor exhaust temperature protection device is actually a two-pronged method. After all, the compressor is more important core components, and there must be no problems.

Of course, the protection configuration of each ultra low temp chiller is also different. Wuxi Guanya also specially sets safety protection devices to protect everyone’s environment.

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