The Advantage Parameter Explanation Of The Walk-In Lab Water Chiller

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In the experimental equipment, the walk-in lab water chiller is used for all kinds of electronic components in high and low temperature or hot and wet environment to test the requirements of various performance indicators. It is generally applicable to aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electricians, electronic products and other industries.

The performance of the walk-in lab water chiller:

1. The machine has a wide range of temperature control, which can meet the various needs of users.

2. Using a unique balance tempering mode, it has a stable and balanced heating capacity, and can carry out temperature control of high precision and high stability. The temperature is displayed with touch screen, which is easy to read.

3. You can adjust the temperature error value to meet your more accurate test conditions.

4. With the temperature setting value automatically select the operation of the refrigeration circuit function, the operation is simple.

5. The box door is equipped with a large observation window. The test condition of the sample can be observed at any time.

6. It has the function of starting up at a high temperature and can be opened when the temperature rises to 100 centigrade in the box. It is easy to carry out the round-trip test between high temperature and low temperature.

The technical parameters of the walk-in lab water chiller:

In practical application, the temperature range of the chiller is: (-40 C, -70 C) to +100 C, the humidity range: 25%R.H to 95%R.H, the temperature fluctuation: + 0.5 C, the rise and fall temperature rate: 0.5 C /min ~ 10 C /min, the volume size is different in the selection of volume size. The selection is determined according to the actual size.

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