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How to extend the service life of heat transfer oil in dynamic temperature control system?

In the chemical industry, the heat transfer medium of the heat transfer oil of the dynamic temperature control system of the reactor is mainly determined by the heat transfer oil itself, the operating temperature of the heat transfer oil, the dynamic temperature control system equipment, cleaning and heat transfer oil repair and increase the service life. influences.

The heat transfer oil of the dynamic temperature control system should be of brand name, not cheap. The quality of heat transfer oil itself is the key to service life. It is difficult to guarantee the long life of the heat-conducting oil with congenital insufficient heat-conducting oil. Generally, the physical and chemical indicators of heat transfer oil are regarded as its quality indicators. The heat transfer oil has acid value, residual carbon, viscosity, flash point, moisture, density, distillation range, freezing point, oxidation resistance, corrosion, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal conductivity. There are more than a dozen physical and chemical indicators such as stability, and the value of each indicator will affect the service life of heat transfer oil.

Choose the right type of heat transfer oil. The operating temperature is correspondingly increased, and the service life is correspondingly shortened. Therefore, when selecting the thermal oil for the dynamic temperature control system of the chemical reactor, it must be selected according to the operating temperature. New equipment generally adds 30℃~50℃ to the process temperature; when the heat transfer oil equipment is worn out, the operating temperature of the heat transfer oil needs to be 50℃~100℃ above the process temperature.

Clean up carbon deposits regularly. Experience tells us that heat transfer oil is prone to carbon deposits during long-term use and needs to be cleaned up in time. In addition, when the dynamic temperature control system is shut down, it should be shut down when the temperature is lowered to 70°C. On the one hand, it protects the pump and the motor. On the other hand, it can also reduce the generation of carbon deposits and extend the life of the heat transfer oil.

The above are a few ways to extend the service life of heat transfer oil. I hope users can pay more attention to these basic points and save costs and resources for enterprises.

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