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Matters Needing Attention in Replacing Refrigerant Oil of the Screw Chiller Factory

The refrigerant oil in the screw chiller factory needs regular inspection and replacement. We all know that different grades of refrigerant oil cannot be mixed together, otherwise it will cause abnormal or strike conditions of the screw chiller factory. So, what else should we pay attention to when replacing refrigerant oil?

1. Different grades of refrigerant oil cannot be mixed; especially mineral oil and synthetic ester oil cannot be mixed.

2. If different grades of refrigerant oil need to be replaced, please carefully clean up the residual original refrigerant oil in the system.

3. Some oils do not absorb moisture, so try not to expose refrigerant oil to the air for a long time.  During the installation of the screw chiller factory, the exposure time should be reduced as quickly as possible and the operation should be vacuumed.

4. If the compressor motor burns out in the system, please pay special attention to remove the remaining acidic substances in the system when replacing the new machine. After 72 hours of debugging, check the acidity of the refrigerant oil again. It is recommended to change the refrigerant oil and dry filter to reduce the possibility of being corroded by acid, and then inspect periodically once a month to check or change the refrigerant oil.

5. In case of water inflow in the system, please pay special attention to clean up the water so as not to damage the screw chiller factory and affect its normal operation. In addition to replacing refrigerant oil, special attention should be paid to the acidity of the oil, and new oil and dry filter should be replaced in time.

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