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Water/Air Cooled Chiller

Water cooled / air cooled chillers, the room temperature of the water through the water chiller refrigeration compressor to a certain temperature to strengthen the cooling of the mould or machine, as a stand-alone cooling device for the built-in fan, there are three main interrelated system: automatic control system of the refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, electrical appliances.

The role of refrigerant in air-cooled chiller

When the air-cooled chiller refrigeration cycle system is running, it is inseparable from the refrigerant. Refrigerant keeps flowing in the air-cooled chiller circulation system, and its status is constantly changing. Therefore, the status of the refrigerant in each position of the air-cooled chiller refrigeration circulation system is different. Then, what kind of role does the refrigerant play in the air-cooled chiller? Let Guanya Refrigeration explain it to everyone:

1. Change of refrigerant in air-cooled chiller refrigeration compressor
The refrigerant is an inlet by entering the compressor from the end of the evaporator of the air-cooled chiller, and completes the process of compressing the refrigerant vapor into superheated vapor in the refrigerant compressor, and the pressure also increases from the evaporating pressure to the condensing pressure. Because the compression process of the compressor is completed in an instant, the refrigerant vapor at this time will not exchange heat with the outside world. We call it the adiabatic compression process.

2. Change of refrigerant in condenser of air-cooled chiller
After the superheated steam enters into the condenser of the air-cooled chiller, there will be no change in the pressure conditions, so a part of the heat will be emitted first, so that the superheated steam of the refrigerant will be cooled to be saturated steam. Since it is still under isothermal conditions at this time, the saturated vapor will continue to release heat and condense and continue to produce saturated liquid. The longer the condensing time, the more saturated liquid will be, and the saturated vapor will be reduced. The end result is that the refrigerant vapor is completely condensed into a saturated liquid.
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