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How To Choose The Equipment For The Reactor?

The choice of equipment for the reactor needs to be measured by the following points:

1. Heating method: Generally, the electric heating should be greater than or equal to 3 tons, and in the case of the outer half pipe; less than or equal to 3 tons can be heated by water or steam, the temperature is less than or equal to 90 degrees; and the heat transfer oil can be 130 -280 degrees between.

2. Cooling method: generally normal temperature is 25 degrees or more; chilled water is between 5-25 degrees, equipped with a cooling machine; there is also an oil cooling, suitable for high temperature resin, but the temperature should be greater than or equal to 200 degrees.

3. Material: Generally, there are SUS304 stainless steel, Q235 carbon steel, SUS316 stainless steel, etc.;

4. Stirring method: inclined blade type with inclined angle of 45-60 degrees; anchor type with scraping edge scraping; dispersing disc type with 1000/1500/2800 rpm for shearing (for paint or powder, Hot melt adhesive (rubber); and ribbon type for high viscosity with dispersing disc (for hot melt adhesive)

5. Sealing form: generally has mechanical seal, packing seal, double sealing surface, single sealing surface;

6. Structural aspects: generally have outer half tube type (more than or equal to 2 tons); outer jacket type (more than 3 tons); inner coil; no jacket (no heating); inner coil type (suitable for small viscosity, Small fluidity)).

7. The structure of the kettle body: determined according to size, material and thickness;

Wuxi Guanya LNEYA refrigeration heating temperature control system is the first choice for the reactor equipment, ultra-high temperature cooling technology, can directly cool down from 300 degrees high temperature. No heat transfer medium evaporates at high temperature, and continuous control can be achieved with -80 to 190 degrees, -70 to 220 degrees, -88 to 170 degrees, -55 to 250 degrees, and -30 to 300 degrees without pressurization. temperature.

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