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Ultra Low Temp Chiller Features

The ultra low temp chiller is controlled by microcomputer, and the refrigeration compressor and its system components are energy-saving products, which greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine. The unit can realize multi-stage energy automatic adjustment operation according to the load requirements, and the temperature accuracy can be accurately controlled to plus or minus 0.001 degrees. Effective management of temperature rates and slopes can be achieved. Ultra low temp chiller is a unit with a temperature of -128 degrees Celsius.

Ultra low temp chiller is energy efficient, the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is up to 8.0, and it can provide refrigeration, heating, and domestic hot water. It can be fully switched according to the ambient temperature and hot water demand, making full use of energy. Safe and environmentally friendly, with refrigerant as the medium, non-toxic, no explosion hazard, can be connected to the original hot water system. It can replace the high-risk, high-cost boiler system, can also be used in conjunction with the solar system, replacing the electric heating part. Fully automatic computer control, no need for special monitoring, can be operated by remote or centralized management system.

1. The ultra low temp chiller has a large compression ratio requirement with respect to the compressor, so that most of the deep-cooling field adopts a more complex cascading compression or secondary compression than a single compressor on the system.

2. The ultra low temp chiller runs smoothly and reliably, which is not easy to damage, and has low noise. Since the compressor lubricating oil is supplied by high and low pressure difference, the built-in oil of the compressor has a high oil separation efficiency. It can also absorb the noise of the unit.

3. Ultra low temp chiller built-in large volume capacity snow storage tank to ensure sufficient snow, set up multiple plate heat exchanger to ensure sufficient heat transfer power, set up gas-liquid separator at the end of the refrigeration return for gas-liquid separation to ensure no liquid Entering the compressor causes the connecting rod to break, preventing the compressor from being scrapped.
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