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Introduction to the setting and operation of the ethylene glycol chiller at minus 30℃

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The minus 30 degree ethylene glycol chiller is a single-fluid low-temperature refrigeration unit with compressor refrigeration. How should the user set it better when operating it?

1. Automatic logout time

Automatic logout means that when a user has an account and is logged in, the logged-in account will be automatically logged out if there is no operation for a long time.

The working principle of the minus 30℃ethylene glycol chiller is to start timing from the touch screen without operation, and automatically log out and log in when the set value is reached. Each time the touch screen is operated, the timer will be reset to zero. If this parameter has a power-off hold function, the user’s parameters will be retained next time.

2. Language selection

The operating system of the minus 30 ethylene glycol chiller currently only supports 2 languages, English and Simplified Chinese. Users can choose according to their language strengths. The language selection has a power-off hold function, that is, the language will be continued at the next power-on. Of course, other languages can also be customized.

3. Buzzer touch response

The buzzer touch response means that when the touch screen is touched, there will be a “di~” sound on the touch screen to prove whether the user’s touch is valid. Users of -30℃ ethylene glycol chiller can cancel this function, and can also prolong the sounding time of this “di~”. Changes to the sound duration require a restart to take effect. This time unit is ms, which is not very accurate due to the limitation of the touch screen clock precision and the processing speed of the processor.

4. Buzzer feedback

Feedback means that the touch screen will produce a pulsed beep sound of “Di Di Di ~”. Because the buzzer power is limited, the sound is not loud, and the volume of the sound cannot be adjusted. If the user of the -30°C glycol chiller intends to use this function and feels that the sound of this function is not enough, an external buzzer can be connected, as explained above.

5. Automatic backlight time

Automatic backlight means that the touch screen will automatically light up when the touch screen is touched, and it will automatically turn off when it is not used for a long time. The touch screen will automatically turn off when it reaches the set time. If it is set to off, the touch screen will always be on. It will have a slight impact on the life of the touch screen of the ethylene glycol refrigerator at minus 30 degrees.

6. System time

The user can modify the system time of the minus 30 degree ethylene glycol refrigerator here. Guanya recommends that the user should not deviate too much from the actual time when modifying, otherwise it will have the possibility of affecting the use of the device. Please do not set a non-existent date (eg: February 30th), which may cause confusion in the device program.

7. Store information

Data logging used for the operation of a -30°C glycol chiller, Users can check the remaining storage space of the touch screen here, and can clean up the disk when the space is low.

8. Temperature save cycle

The touch screen of the minus 30 degree ethylene glycol refrigerator is powered on as a symbol, and it is recorded and saved when it is powered on. Although it will lead to a large amount of useless data, but considering that the storage space is basically sufficient and some users’ requirements for temperature data, the temperature storage cycle is designed. Here you can modify the save cycle of temperature data.

The refrigeration temperature range of minus 30℃ ethylene glycol chiller is from -150to -5℃, which can meet the needs of different refrigeration temperatures. It is widely used in low temperature reaction fields in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries.

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