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Refrigeration heating temperature control system equipment used in hydrothermal reactor

Refrigeration heating temperature control system can be used in a variety of reactors, reactors, and distillation equipment. Today we will analyze what you need to pay attention to when applying it to a hydrothermal reactor.

The heat transfer medium of the hydrothermal reactor refrigeration heating and temperature control system is in a closed system with an expansion vessel. The heat transfer medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in the circulation, whether it is high or low temperature, the expansion tank temperature is normal temperature to 60 ℃, can be reduced The risk of heat transfer media absorbing moisture and volatilization during operation.

The maintenance of the hydrothermal reactor refrigeration heating temperature control system should be regularly carried out such as cleaning, lubrication, rust, dust, moisture, corrosion and other maintenance work. The anti-sink filter should be cleaned at least once every half a month, and it should be maintained and cleaned regularly to improve heat dissipation. This is not only a need to increase the rate and effect, but also to prevent overload-induced fires and damage to equipment.

The dispatching method of the refrigeration heating temperature control system of the distillation equipment is to properly dispatch the reflux ratio according to the temperature. When the boiling point of each component in the material liquid is close, and the purity of the product is higher, it is not appropriate to use the general temperature control method, but the temperature difference control method.

In the normal operation of the rectification equipment associated with the refrigeration heating and temperature control system of the hydrothermal reactor, the product quality policy must meet the predetermined requirements, that is, to ensure that the purity of at least one component of the product reaches the specified requirements, and the other components It should also be kept within the defined plan. Therefore, the purity of the equipment bottom or equipment top should be taken as the controlled variable. However, online real-time monitoring of product purity has certain problems. Therefore, in most cases, the temperature and pressure in the rectification equipment are used to directly reflect the product purity.

The hydrothermal reactor refrigeration heating temperature control system is an electronic instrument and equipment. It should be cleaned and dedusted regularly, and powered regularly to prevent components from being damaged by moisture. Periodic parts and performance tests should be carried out regularly to understand its technical status and ensure that the equipment is always in good condition. Working state, the internal use of rechargeable batteries to maintain their data or programs must be regularly powered on.

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