Theory of Ice Flow, Ice Water Quality, Flow and Pressure of Ice Water Machine

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The ice water flow required for a set of plastic moulds is directly related to the heat taken away by the moulds and the temperature difference between the ice water entering and leaving the moulds. For example, to take the heat of 6480 kcal/h from the die, if the temperature difference is 3 C, what is the minimum flow rate needed? Ice flow Q = 6480_3_60 = 36 (l/min).

The softening of water is also an important problem in the process of using chillers.The pH value of water also needs to be continuously observed. The optimum pH value should be equal to 7. The pH value greater than 7 will cause terrible corrosion. If no measures are taken, fouling will be built in the evaporator and die, which will play an insulating role, and the energy conversion effect will be reduced by 30% in severe cases. Obviously this requires consideration of the softening of hard water.
The most effective method is to configure an electronic hard water softener in the system, which is designed and manufactured separately from the exchange principle. Softeners of different specifications can be configured according to different flow rates, which can be directly connected to the circulating water pipeline.

Generally, the cost of water treatment softener is not too high, and a certain proportion of scale removal agent can be added to the periodic circulation system. Generally, when the injection moulds are cooled and the pressure of ice water is 0.1-0.2 mpa, the requirements can be met. When the pressure requirement is higher than 0.2 mpa, it is necessary to plan separately in order to use the corresponding pressure from the pump to meet the need of water supply.
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